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Prometheus  by Russell Tawn

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The Tumbler from batman, this was the second tumbler I created, the first one was one of the first models I finished when I started out in 3D and it got a big reception online and has been used in magazine articles, as a model to build a full size replica, In fact if you google Tumbler a lot of the first images that come up (including the first one) are renders fans have done of my model (although the often do not put my name with it!)

The build thread was on the old LWGv3 which is now Foundation 3D.

Batman - The Tumbler sci fi cgi jjs enterprise 1701 sci fi cgi fighter dropship sci fi cgi mercenary ship sci fi cgi war of the worlds tripod sci fi cgi batman tumbler sci fi cgi fighter dropship sci fi cgi narn g'quon